Thomas Evans

Thomas Evans went from playing for, to now coaching alongside Coach Helmbrecht and the WNY Prospects who he always connected with for how he goes about coaching the game.

Thomas grew up in the southeast and had the privilege of immersing himself in baseball from an early age while being exposed to a wide range of different coaching perspectives/ styles. This experience has shaped what he calls his understanding of baseball and fuels his desire to make an impact on the game as a coach.

As a distinguished WNY Prospects alum from the class of 2019, his personal accolades include being named to 1st team “AIl-WNY” as well as New York AA “2nd Team All-State.” His journey led him to Hilbert College, where he worked his name into the history books as the baseball program’s leader in batting average, slugging percentage, on-base percentage, and home runs. The recognition that he is most honored to have received is being awarded the title of Division 3 Baseball All-American by both ABCA/Rawlings and D3 baseball.

It’s important to note he feels these honors aren’t just about showing off his personal achievements; they’re symbolic of the combination of not only physical work but the application of mindsets as well as working on his mental game. Beyond the physical game, his true passion lies in teaching players how to coach themselves. Empowering athletes with the knowledge and tools as well as introducing the mental game to players at a younger age is key. He feels harnessing the power of your mindset from an early age is a skill that will guarantee what you deem success in this game.